Save your Family Memories with Video Transfers to DVD you can trust!

We make it easy for you to preserve your family memories by transferring your old VCR and camcorder tapes to DVD and MP4 video so you don't lose your family memories.

"Very professional. Great quality. Highly recommended."

~ Mike F ~

How much does transferring cost?

The cost of the transfer + Disc/Digital Media Fee.*

Redlands Video Transfers

Regular Video

$20 per tape
$10 per hour over max

+ Disc/Digital Media

VHS, VHS-C (2 hour max), 8mm, Hi 8, Digital 8, Mini DV - non HD


Redlands Video Transfers

Digital Media

$1 per 1GB of data

+ Disc/Digital Media

iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, HDD video camera, SD Card, Mini SD Card


Redlands Video Transfers

Specialty Video

$25 per tape (2 hour max)
$15 per hour over max

+ Disc/Digital Media

HDV, Betamax, 3/4" Umatic, PAL, SECAM, BETA SP (Small format)


Redlands Video Transfers


$ 15 per DVD

+ Disc/Digital Media

Mini and Full Sized DVD



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