Step #2 - Create

Transferring your photos, audio tapes, & home movies should not end with just putting them onto CD or DVD. We will help you turn your media into your legacy as meaningful movies, photo montages, frameable photos, and enhanced audio recordings.  Or anything else you can imagine!

Find, Create, and Follow your Vision!

Create your media legacy to share with family and friends as a gift, or during family gatherings, or through online services...

Meaningful Movies

Creating Meaningful Movies is about editing your raw footage down to what is important and fun for you and your . . .

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Photo Montage

The Photo Montage is often associated with memorial or wedding services, often sharing stories through photos that . . .

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Photo Repair

Don't think that a damaged photo is lost forever! We can revive and revitalize many of these forgotten treasured photos. Our photo . . .

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Audio Enhancing

Sometimes audio recorded 40 years ago needs a little help to sound good. We can help enhance some of that audio by . . .

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Hi I'm Kam!

We all get nostalgic when we experience our old media because of the memories they excite. But sometimes we forget about the not-so-great parts, like the twenty minute segment where the camera was pointed at the ground (hahaha!), or the faded sections of the photo of a loved one.

Editing is the art of extracting and rejuvenating the best parts of our old media.

We want to show you the best side of your old media! Give us a chance to help you with your family treasures and enjoy the cleaned up version of your memories!

- Kam