Step #3 - Share

Sharing your media is the greatest part of the entire process!

Being with family and friends and having Meaningful Experiences with your media, telling stories, reminiscing, and growing bonds with future generations is the best part of life.

We have 4 different options for sharing your media.

Before you decide on a media type, check out why you should have more than one by clicking the link below.

 Click here to find out why you should have more than one form of storage. 


$10 per disc

Includes: CD or DVD, Disc Print and Clear Case

Duplications and Copies Same Price

We can customize your CD or DVD package. Click Here.

Digital Drive

$15 per 16GB USB Drive

$130 per 1TB Hard Drive

Bringing your own storage drive?

$10 to transfer your media to your own Hard Drive or USB Drive

Internet Upload

$5 per file to email or upload to your internet video site such as YouTube, Vimeo, or your personal, or Google Drive.

(Service Provider costs not included)

Cloud Strorage

$10 per month for up to 1TB of video storage on
Allows you personal access to the video footage any-where, all-day, any-day (as long as you have an internet connection).

Hi, I'm Kam!

I believe that you sharing your media is the best part of this whole process.

My biggest hope is that by telling your family stories of the past through film, video, photos, and audio that it will help future generations to bond with past generations.