Film Transfer

Your film is precious to us, that is why we take personal care of it in our film lab. It is cleaned, moisturized, and spliced together before it is transferred using tried and true transfer systems.

Your film stays with us as we preserve your memories, organize your history, and update your media format so you can share your life with your friends and family.

We can transfer your film direct to DVD (for immediate viewing) or to Mini DV (for future editing). We can add music of the era to your film or leave it silent so family can enjoy the time talking about the memories and telling stories from the past.


Our 8mm and Super 8mm film (without sound) transfer cost is:

$0.30 per foot + Media

3″ reels are up to 50′ of film
5′ reels are up to 300′ of film
7″ reels are up to 500′ of film

$30 Minimum

Our 16mm film (without sound) transfer cost is:

$0.40 per foot + Media

5″ reels are up to 200′ of film
7″ reels are up to 400′ of film
12″ reels are up to 1200′ of film
15″ reels are up to 2000′ of film

$40 Minimum


If your 8mm, Super 8mm, or 16mm film has sound on it we charge an additional $0.10 per foot.


If your film is lock in a looping cartridge there is an extra $2 per cartridge.

Extra Editing

We splice your footage together as part of our service, but if your film is brittle and has major splicing issues we will charge an additional $10 for the extra work needed.

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Hi I’m Kam!

We want you to know how much your media truly means to us.

We treat every piece of physical media and every file as if they are our own precious family memories, because we know that’s what they are to you.

That’s why we never ship your media to a third party service. All of your work is performed by our specialists either here in our office or at our film lab.

Come see us and we’ll treat you and your media like family.

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