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"Great, friendly service! I had some slides scanned to digital images, and they turned out great. Kam was really helpful and went out of his way to help me when I was in a crunch for an urgent product."

~ Michael T ~

How much does transferring cost?

The cost of the transfer + Disc/Digital Media Fee.*


Glossy or Matte

$0.50 per photo/frame

In Frame

$1 per item


35mm Slides

600 - 1000 DPI

$0.50 per photo/frame

1000 - 5000 DPI

$1.50 per photo/frame


35/110mm (600 DPI)

$0.50 per frame

Oversized Negatives (600 DPI)

$1 per item


Photo Album

$2 per page



Most photos are cropped and color corrected

Discounts on Orders over 500

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