Preserving your Film for the future generations?

Family memories are gained as a once-in-a-lifetime event. Many families preserved them on film with and without audio, and now want to transfers them to digital formats to save them for the future generation. We can help you preserve your film right here! Never send your family history/ memories in the mail.

The cost of the transfer + Disc/Digital Media Fee.*

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As part of our service to you we splice your footage together into 400' reels, Check the old edits to verify their strength, Clean and Moisturize the film for continued long life.

We cannot fix or repair bad film footage such as over or under exposure, bad framing, or damaged sprocket holes.

Our 8mm and Super 8mm film (without sound) transfer cost is:

$3.35 per minute or $0.25 per foot + Media

3" reels are up to 50' of film
5' reels are up to 300' of film
7" reels are up to 500' of film

$50 Minimum

Our 16mm film (without sound) transfer cost is:

$8 per minute or $0.32 per foot + Media

5" reels are up to 200' of film
7" reels are up to 400' of film
12" reels are up to 1200' of film
15" reels are up to 2000' of film

$50 Minimum


If your 8mm, Super 8mm, or 16mm film has sound on it we charge an additional $2.00 per minute.


If your film is lock in a looping cartridge there is an extra $2 per cartridge.

Extra Editing

We splice your footage together as part of our service, but if your film is brittle and has major splicing issues we will charge an additional $10 for the extra work needed.

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 "Nice work and great to have someone who can help preserve our family memories ..."

~ Jessica W ~