Old, Deteriorating VHS tapes hanging around? Let's get those family videos transferred to DVD so you can watch them today!

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What our customers have to say:

Mike F - "Copied close to 100 VHS and VHS-C home videos onto DVD for me. He also made me a hard drive back up. Very professional. Great quality. Highly recommended."

Michael T - "Great, friendly service! I had some slides scanned to digital images, and they turned out great. Kam was really helpful and went out of his way to help me when I was in a crunch for an urgent product."

Take these 3 Easy Steps to transfer your old, deteriorating VHS tapes and create  Family Highlight Reels.

#1 Transfer

Transfer your old VHS, 8mm, Regular 8 video tapes, or even Super 8 film to a digital format such as DVD, so it can be integrated into your media legacy.

Transfer Your Media

#2 Edit

Create a Family Highlight Reel with your media. It can be a short family video,  photo montage, framed photo, or an enhanced audio CD.

Create Your Media's Future

#3 Share

We have easy ways to share your new digital photos, audio, or video via disc (DVD or CD), USB digital drive, or the Internet. If your not sure? We can help!

Share Your Movie

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What Makes Redlands Video Transfers Different?

At Redlands Video Transfers & Editing  we have made it our focus to treat our customers like we would our best friends and family. We don’t cut corners on your photo, audio, or video transfers because we wouldn’t want that for our mothers.

We don’t send your videos out to a third party or large video transfers service because we wouldn’t want that for our friends, we don’t mail anything to anyone, including ourselves, because we don’t want your VHS or Film to get lost.

At Redlands Video Transfers & Editing we love to work on your video, film, photo, and audio transfers because we love the history that comes with each new project. We have been to the grand canyon thousands of times. We have seen the changes on every continent from the 1950’s to recent history 1990’s, we visit your Christmas’ and your birthdays, and watch you and your children grow up.

We are passionate about you and about family stories being passed from generation to generation, father to son, and mother to daughter. In the Bible it talks about turning “the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers” (Malachi  4:6). We feel like we are part of God’s work helping you preserve your family history through transferring your old VHS tapes to digital video or DVD, and telling your family stories by video editing your VHS videos into family highlight reel.

Thank You for your support!

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